Weather Station Equipment

This anemometer is located approximately 15 feet above the roofline to avoid any wind turbulence coming off the roof.

Integrated Sensor Suite
This is the integrated sensor suite. It comprises of the rain collector on top, the temperature and humidity sensors located inside the loeuvred discs (fan assisted).
The power is supplied via internal batteries and solar power. The anemometer is plugged into the ISS via a long cable. The ISS communicates to the console. See below.

This is the Vantage Pro 2 Console located in my living room. It receives all the data wirelessly from the ISS. A datalogger is plugged into the back of the console.
The console and datalogger are connected to my pc upstairs.
Software is installed on my pc called Weather  Display. This software collects the information stored in the datalogger.
In addition to Weather Display software, i have a further program called Weather Display Live which converts the information from WD to a flash (Adobe software) movie.
These are the dials etc you see on my main page.
The information is uploaded to the net via file transfer protocol (ftp) every 3 seconds via a clientraw text file produced through weather display.